Friday, 10 April 2009

a riddle or not a riddle

grafitti paintings
there are significant artworks you can find in any artbook. there are thousands of copies in books and magazines, gallery shops are filled with pencils, pads, mugs with their image on. sometimes you can buy a fabric with a print of it, so you can actually get a metre of mona lisa or two metres if you like, and sew a table cloth or trousers. it is so sad that those meant to be the most important artworks in history lost their meaning as they are everywhere as bad quality copies. they seem to become grafitties sprayed on a dirty wall. meaningless indeed, everybody knows them but they are not intriguing any more. what a shame.

therefore, i made some grafitti paintings in their oryginal size, which are deprived of all unnecessary details. in fact only one element of each painting is left, as nobody needs the rest, nobody cares, nobody can recall what the rest of those paintings is like.

i also did a series of paintings with the same details but bigger, 2x3 m. they were meant to cover the whole wall.

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