Friday, 10 April 2009

a little red riding mood

an extract from a series of 180 photos telling a story of a little red riding hood located in Suprasl, poland

i came up with the idea of making the tale we all know real in a real town with real people. so i decided to turn into a little red riding hood. i went shopping first, got red clothes (well, i found only pink outfit that fit me), cut the skirt short, borrowed red sunglasses and flip-flops. then, a friend of mine, Natalie, and me started a quest for Grandmum. so we walked and walked carrying a basket full of (red) food and (red) wine and (red) accessories and took photos of everything that happened on the way to Grandmum. i spoke to all grannies but they refused having a photo taken with me, finally i found the One. she objected first but when i told her that i would give her the fake tulip she smiled and said yes even if still wasn't sure whether she was doing the right thing. obviously even fake flowers work for women.

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