Friday, 10 April 2009

peep-in sarcophagus

photo and sound installation
everybody wonders what it will be like when they die. well, although i'm not religious, i'm not a catholic, i ask the same questions. so here you go, this is my coffin, or rather a sarcophagus, you can peep in and see me there from each side. in front you can see me dead with a burning hope in my chest that everything is going to be fine. then, on the right it is me with a happy verdict: heaven, that is why i look relaxed. on the left i'm scared and holding a teddy as i might hear something quite different. when you have a look from the back you can see me crossing fingers for good luck.

it is golden as it is the right colour for crossing the line of life and death, egiptians thought that as well. at the same time when you peep in your face reflects in the surface of the sarcophagus and you can see your face looking as russian icons with a golden halo.



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