Tuesday, 13 October 2009

"Life Transitions" curator Sarah Harris


One often thinks one cannot cope but in fact once you reach the opposite shore you find you can.

Willesden Green Centre, 95 High Road, London NW10 2SF

Preview party: Thursday 22 October 2009, 6-8pm

20 October – 13 November 2009 Open daily 10am – 11pm

Anna Bialkowska: these pictures reflect memories of my childhood, adventures and time my family used to share. Rosalind Schogger: the two images “Spring” and “Winter” show the changing nature of the seasons. Stuart Handley: the two images relate to each other with the transition through life’s seasons with a tree blossoming from dormancy to full bloom. Loli Cardenoso: these images reflect the passing of time and the changes this creates. Kavita Kumari: adopting Alice in Wonderland as the subject and inspiration, these pictures reflect the way the mind switches between the conscious and subconscious. Maria Gouveli: my art practice reflects the way I live in a world of social and cultural pluralism. Olarn Chiaravont: the painting shows the peculiar world of some cube-headed characters and their journey towards “the civilised way”. Hayley Hare: these pigeon coops bring back memories of my childhood in a Chester-le-Street, County Durham and convey a symbolism of home. Allen Coombs: these prints explore the fragility of the line as a constructive element both in the composition of the work and the self. Pilar Cortes: these pictures show how one can spend time in contemplation whilst performing one’s toilette, time in which one decides the role to be played during the day or for the rest of life. Jack Chapman: these two images show Jack who was born as Julie in the early stages of taking on a male identity.

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