Thursday, 22 October 2009

Show worth remembering

LIFE TRANSITIONS willesden green gallery
show 22/10/2009 - 13/11/2009

it was a lovely evening with Sarah Harris, the curator, we had a chat about arty places worth visiting in London. i met most of the artists of Life Transitions. It was lots of fun with Zuzanna and Roman. Thank you guys that you popped in.

harrow observer 15th october 2009

my dad said: 'anna, i like the painting but my chin here is total rubbish' :{
however, it's good to have sweet friends who give you thumbs up for any chin you paint (:})

zuzanna and roman :o)

girls holding their handbags

lovely drawings

zuzanna is reading Weronika's mind

sarah harris, kavita kumari and me

it was a lovely day

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